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Design Review Committee Meeting Request

  1. DRC Meetings are offered as a free service for applicants to learn more about the City’s application procedures and help answer general questions. Representatives from various city departments may attend the meeting.

    Meetings are held, by appointment only, on Thursday Mornings.  Please submit this meeting request as soon as possible. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.  You will be contacted within 5 business days to arrange the time and date of the meeting. 

    When possible, any professionals that will be involved in designing or managing the project, such as engineers or architects, should attend a DRC prior to submitting a development application.

    For questions please call 512-312-5745 or email us at

  2. General Information:
  3. Have there been previous City meetings on this project?*
  4. Is this an active project with prior approval?*
  5. Property Information
  6. Existing buildings on property?*
  7. Any Heritage Trees?*
  8. Project Details
  9. Do you have preliminary site plans or concept drawings prepared?*
  10. Do you intend to sub-divide the property with other parcels?*
  11. Are you proposing to build new building(s)*
  12. Are you proposing to build a new parking area?*
  13. Will you expand or alter existing building(s)?*
  14. Will you be demolishing any buildings?*
  15. Will you be constructing a new driveway?*
  16. Do you propose the removal of any trees?*
  17. Do you propose the construction of new streets?*
  18. Do you propose new or improved water lines?*
  19. Do you propose new or improved sewer lines?*
  20. If no sewer lines - new or existing Septic?
  21. For the DRC to be most effective, please submit the following with your request:
  22. Waiver:

    By submitting this request form, the applicant understands that the pre-application meeting is for informational purposes and any preliminary analysis provided by staff during this meeting does not constitute a formal review of the project, imply subsequent approval, nor preclude future comments.  This document, as well as the DRC meeting, do not constitute a vesting document under the Unified Development Code or Chapter 245 of Local Government Code.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and comply with all aplicable ordinances and requirements in effect on the submittal date.  An application must be permitted within 6 months of the meeting or a new DRC Meeting may be required.  Future meetings may be required for subsequent applications or to further prepare the application for submittal.

    By submitting this application I acknowledge that any information submitted to the City of Buda is subject to Texas Government Code Section 552 (Public Information Act) and may be provided to third-parties as part of an Open Records Request.  I further understand that information provided in this application may be submitted to City of Buda staff in part or in whole via email, and that the submission should not include any Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, medical information, passport numbers, or passwords.

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