Capital Projects

The Engineering & Capital Improvements Division is responsible for design & management of the City’s construction projects related to roads, infrastructure and facilities. Some highlights of current & past activity are listed below. For a glimpse into the future, the Planning & Zoning Division contains the Comprehensive Plan as well as a number of Long Range Plans, including the Capital Improvements Plan.

Engineering will also provide support to other departments’ projects, including construction of trails in Bradfield Park and along Main Street, construction of the Skate Park, construction of a Parks Maintenance Building, and installation of wayfinding signage, to name a few.

Capital Improvement Projects - 2018-2022

Capital Improvements Recently Completed or Nearing Completion:

First Class Child Development Center: a $224,000 grant from Texas Capital Grant Fund to cover the cost of design, grant management & construction of utilities for First Class Child Development Center.

Roadway Improvements for Relocation of US Foods, Inc.: A $750,000 grant from Texas Capital Grant Fund to cover the cost of design, grant management & construction of roadway improvements.

IH 35 Main Street Overpass: a $9.393M TxDOT project to raise IH-35 8’ and remove the depression under the old overpass, and accompanying reconstruction of a portion of Main Street, to address traffic flow at the intersection.

Overpass – Robert S. Light Blvd.: a $5.848M TxDOT project to construct a 2-lane highway overpass at Robert S. Light, connecting with Hillside Terrace to facilitate connectivity and traffic flow between two sides of the highway.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Ph. II Expansion: a $3.753M city project to increase the plant’s capacity from 0.95 million gallons per day (mgd) to 1.5 mgd.

Main Street Water Line Replacement and Downtown Lighting: a $327,500 project funded through city water fund balance and $230,500 in certificates of obligation to replace an old, failing water line under Main Street in downtown, and installing decorative street lighting west of FM 967 on Main Street.

Capital Improvements Starting or Underway:

Safe Routes to Schools: a $500,000 grant from TxDOT to construct sidewalks from residential neighborhoods to local elementary & middle schools.

Traffic Signal at Main Street & Bradfield Drive: a $180,000 project using the City’s WCID #1 special district funds to install a new traffic signal.

Downtown Wastewater Line Replacement: a $1.467M project funded with utility revenue bonds to replace old clay wastewater lines, improving reliability and reducing stormwater infiltration.

Replacement of Bluff Street Lift Station: a project cost-sharing with Hays CISD to relocate and reconstruct the Bluff Street lift station, replacing antiquated equipment while also establishing wastewater service to Buda Elementary School.

Garlic Creek Wastewater Force Main: a $1.683M project funded through impact fees replacing a force main as part of the Garlic Creek lift station project to increase line capacity.

Reclaimed Water Implementation: multiple related projects totaling $230,000 and funded through the city’s “purple pipe fund.” This will allow irrigation of some parks & road medians with Type I reclaimed water, along with the bulk sale of Type I reclaimed water for non-potable uses, improving the condition of grass/landscaping while reducing demand on the city’s drinking water supply.