Requests for Public Information

The City of Buda strives to provide it's citizens with superior service in all areas of operation. Under most circumstances, citizens can contact a City department directly and ask questions about routine matters. Usually, these requests can be dealt with over the phone. However, occasionally citizens may wish to receive additional information or documentation related to City business. Under the Texas Public Information Act (PIA), formerly the Texas Open Records Act, citizens are entitled to view or receive copies of most of the documents & data created and compiled by government entities, including municipalities. In order to exercise this right, a Request for Public Information must be filed with the City Clerk's Office. We strongly recommend that citizens use the request form on this page to ensure that the request is properly filled out, routed, and tracked. In order to ensure that you receive the requested information in as little time as possible, please remember that all requests must meet certain guidelines, including:
  • Requests must be submitted in writing. Verbal requests will not be accepted.
  • Requests must seek documents or data that are in existence at the time of the request. The PIA does not require the City to analyze information, create new documents, conduct research, or answer questions.
  • Certain sensitive information is exempt from release to the general public, and the City is required to withhold it under the PIA. This includes Social Security numbers, certain financial information, documents and information relating to an ongoing criminal investigation, certain information relating to minors, and information subject to the attorney client privilege. In most cases, the City is obligated by law to request a determination from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas whether information is subject to an applicable exception to the Act before withholding the requested information. If the City must request a determination, you will receive a copy of that request. You will also receive a copy of the Attorney General’s response directly from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.
  • The City is entitled under the PIA to recover the costs associated with fulfilling a request. The specific schedule of charges is available in the forms & information section below. Generally, requests totaling less than $40.00 in recoverable expenses will be completed and the requestor will be billed for the outstanding balance. Requests that are estimated to exceed $40.00 in recoverable expenses will be suspended and the requestor will be notified to either accept the charges or amend the request. Requests that are estimated to exceed $100.00 in recoverable charges will be suspended and the requestor will be informed that they must either pay the estimated charges in full prior to the request being fulfilled or amend the request.
Requests for Public Information that do not conform to the requirements listed above will be returned to the requestor with a letter detailing the deficiencies. Requests that are properly submitted will generally be responded to within ten (10) business days. All questions relating to the Public Information Request process should be forwarded to the City Clerk's Office.

Public Information Request Forms & Information

Below is a list of all of the forms and information you will need to file a Request for Public Information with the City of Buda.

Types of Information

Depending on the nature of your request, you may be directed to information available on the City's website or you may be redirected to other local entities. Before completing the form, please review the following for additional information: 
  1. Property Records - Contact the Hays Central Appraisal District (HCAD)
  2. Records related to hazardous materials, above ground storage tanks, environmental liens, or activity use limitations - Contact the Buda Fire Department at
  3. Records related to health code violations - Contact the Hays County Health Department 512-939-2150
  4. Architectural Works are copyrighted materials pursuant to Section 102 of the Copyright Act. 17 USC. which specifically excepts from disclosure “Architectural plans, or any original design of a building created in any tangible medium of expression, is subject to copyright protection as an architectural work.” In this case, the federal law of copyright supersedes the Texas Public Information Act. You will be redirected to the architect to obtain copies; however, if the record is available, you may inspect the record.  No copies will be made.
  5. Residential & Commercial Building Permits prior to 2007 are not available.
  6. Site Development Plans prior to 2007 are not available. 

Request for Public Information Form

The Request for Public Information can be submitted in the following manner:

Online: The form can be filled out and submitted online by clicking here

Fax: Download the form by clicking here. Fill in the form, print it and submit to 512-312-1889, Attn: City Clerk's Office

Mail: To submit form by mail, download the form by clicking here. Fill in the form, print it and submit to: City Clerk's Office, PO Box 1380, Buda Tx 78610

To submit by hand or contract carrier, please send to:

City Clerk's Office, 121 S. Main St, Buda Tx 78610

Charges for Public Information

List of Charges that may be assessed when fulfilling a Request for Public Information

Official Public Information Act Poster

Poster with general information on the PIA and it's requirements

Text of the Public Information Act

The actual text of the Public Information Act statute